INTRIGUE : Digital

INTRIGUE was an assigned project, that contributed towards my publishing course at university. We were told to create a magazine, having absolute freedom over choosing a genre, with the exception of porn. Interestingly, my tutor commented that INTRIGUE was actually borderline porn, but in my eyes it was art.


It’s known that if you eliminate one of your five senses the four remaining are extremely heightened. Common knowledge also teaches us that the human brain operates on the left side for reading and language skills, opposing the right side, which focuses on visualisation and artistic ability. The inner workings of our bodies are fascinating, but I must include one final concept that will tie together what we have revised so far; as children we analyse images long before we decipher words… So would all this explain why, at the age of twenty, I turn page after page of any magazine and constantly look at the images presented to me first before I start reading anything at all?

I’ve always been a creative person rather than an academic, so naturally I immediately focus on what my eye is drawn to. My vision wonders across each page, darting back and forth from picture to picture, initially ignoring the text that is normally presented alongside. I become engrossed in the image itself, discovering each detail highlighted and those that are not.

It is undeniable that each visual encounter means something different for every viewer, but meaning above all is the gift of an image. You have no control over the first feeling that is thrown upon you when you look at an image. This is why when you absorb yourself in the pages of INTRIGUE you will predominately be using the right side of your brain, where your vision will be unsurprisingly attracted to the lavish spreads. Let the power of the image take over and influence your mind, rather than the reverse, which we are so often accustomed to in ordinary magazines.

You will notice that INTRIGUE does not follow the typical guidelines the majority of magazines hold on to. Firstly there’s no contents page, why? Well, without an element of surprise the magazine wouldn’t be as half as near intriguing. We cater to the curious, so if you are the type of person that wants to know more than just the photographers name written in small print, you have selected the right publication. At INTRIGUE we are all about showcasing the best talent held amongst our generation, and the simple celebration of why these individuals love what they do. Then comes the collaboration of what four highly gifted people have created together, the satisfaction of following their journey, which would usually be hidden behind the scenes, is immense and fills me with pride to witnessed such a thing, as you might feel the same.

I would like to thank my team that I have had the absolute pleasure of working with, as everything you encounter in the following pages has not been possible without my friends’ willingness to participate, as it is their talent that has built INTRIGUE.


The images that are presented in INTRIGUE are raw, captivating and aesthetically pleasing. Usually art demands a meaning and naturally as beings we seek a meaning in everything, but for the images that are exhibited let your eyes soak in the richness of what is being presented and quiet your mind instead.

The concept for this shoot is not about showcasing lingerie, where it is from, how much it is, like many fashion shoots you will usually come across. This shoot is for the hedonist in everyone, for the pleasure-seekers to let your eyes indulge in images that have been curated to obtain ultimate power over your gaze. You may find yourself transfixed, but might feel like you shouldn’t be looking, like these photos are a form of taboo, but really the sensuality of each photograph is at times so strong that the beauty exhibited becomes overpowering.