Mo Coppoletta

World-renowned tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta, shares his insight into the art of body adornment at Bath In Fashion.

Mo Coppoletta2Bath In Fashion’s 2015 event brought about the anticipated Embellishing Bodies talk, focused on the fashion of tattoos. The subject spanned across a two-hour conversation, conducted by Lizzie Heffer, fixated on tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta.

Mo has spent the past twenty years developing and perfecting his art into now, his own prestigious business. Mo first became interested in tattoos simply because ‘they were cool’. He admitted that he never drew in school and wasn’t very interested in art until he discovered the popularity of tattooing. Born in Italy, Mo followed the craze to London where punk and grunge influences meant that tattoos were seen as a taboo statement. So, when Mo opened his parlour – The Family Business – in 2003, his focus was to show the world that tattoos are a part of formal expression and therefore an art form – one that he believes will never die out.

Mo Coppoletta4
Mo talked much about the bespoke service that The Family Business offers and the serious manner in which all twenty-five artists work. Each customer is directed to the artist most suited to their specific idea. It then takes two consultations for the artist to design a unique piece. Mo refuses to do walk-in appointments at The Family Business; he wants to ensure that each customer is in the right mind-set and each artist is happy with what they’ve created.

Conversation moved on to how the media and those in the limelight have ensured that the business of tattooing stays alive. Although Mo did not comment on any celebrities that he has worked with, it is believed he may have tattooed singer Paloma Faith, designing three birds on her back. Mo stated that all clients are treated equally and The Family Business prides themselves on their confidentiality and non-bias mentality to improve business.

Mo Coppoletta
Outside of The Family Business, Mo has a large list of brands he has collaborated with, including Liberty, Ralph Lauren and Damien Hirst. Mo explains that working on skin and working on silk, for example with Liberty, requires a completely different mind-set. He expressed his appreciation to be able to collaborate with such different industries, as they enable him to explore many different medias, from fashion to modern art. As an artist Mo is in high demand, with a two-year waiting list, his talents are exceptional. Mo left us with his upmost tip for anyone thinking about getting a tattoo: avoid impulse decisions – wait and research!