Emily Powell

Previous Central Saint Martins student Emily, is an upcoming designer specialising in lingerie, where being invited to Victoria Secret Shows is the norm.

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Emily Powell knows a thing or two about fashion, and even more so about what is hiding under clothes than the garments themselves. Currently a student in her third year studying Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion, it has taken Emily a while to decide that designing lingerie is her specialty. With only three schools worldwide offering this kind of education, Emily feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to study such a secret craft. She added that the more people who obtain the skill to make such difficult pieces, the more competition there will be in the future, hence why the knowledge is kept quiet, only exposed to a handful of students.

Before Emily took her current course in Fashion Contour, she first studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. She commented that her experience there was one that will never be forgotten, and one she’d never like to return to. Emily shared that studying at Saint Martins is accompanied by hourly negative judgements, and even a disgusted look or two. Emily was not happy in this pretentious environment and realised that once her year was up she needed to find somewhere that gave constructive criticism, not simply insults.

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At LCF Emily speaks highly of her teachers and peers, exclaiming that everyone respects each other’s work and especially in the sense of designing more commercially catered pieces, which is more profitable than high fashion. Emily added that because the particular knowledge and practice is only offered to a handful of people, the ease of getting a job when she leaves her four-year course will be something that a lot of gradates will not have the privilege to experience. In Emily’s third year she hopes to travel abroad for her placement in the industry, possibly Paris or Milan. Although, presently she is consumed with all the current opportunities that the course is offering her.

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In Emily’s first term she was lucky enough to be invited to the Victoria Secret fashion show along with her peers, as her tutor was once the head designer for the brand. Emily sheepishly added that she was sat next to a woman that paid £10,000 for her ticket. Alongside this, Emily and her peers are constantly applying for competitions that are exclusively sent to them. These competitions hold the ability for the girls to be showcased on a professional level, designing lingerie to be featured on capital runways. It will be hard for Emily to leave these perks behind, but the experience she gains and the contacts she makes will be priceless in setting her up for the working world.