Elise Priestley

Makeup artist Elise has trained at some of the best schools in London. Although, her some what rebellious past, pushed her to achieve and obtain this highly talented skill.

Elise Priestley is a makeup artist, with a particularly fine eye for detail. So far the work she has produced is nothing short of perfect, especially considering the pressures she repeatedly works under to perform at her best. Although ironically, the world of beauty that Elise is now submerged in wasn’t at all where she pictured herself.

Elise hated school, specifically when it came to studying her A-levels. She shared that her lack of enthusiasm for school was so strong that incidents occurred where Elise was too hungover to even sit her exams. Her mother was moving to London at the time and gave Elise the option of coming with her but on the condition that she establishes a new educational path for herself. Elise’s mother did in fact enroll onto a small course to do makeup when she was young, and the family also share a friend that was a professional in the field. So it was decided, Elise would move to London to study at AOFM – The Academy of Freelance Makeup. It was here that Elise grasped the basics across an intensive three-week course, which was predominately aimed at catering for the fashion world. Every day there was a different teacher sharing their expertise with the students, from highlighting to bridal makeup. Elise was completely taken back by the entirety of makeup being its own art form, and didn’t think it would be so hard. However, her creative flare soon began to kick in and after her course was over she applied for the prestigious six-month course at Delamar Academy.

Delamar Academy was a very expensive course, Elise commented, so she took every-thing she could possibly get out of it because she knew without her mother’s support, she would have never even had the opportunity to apply. Unlike AOFM, Delamar was focused on making their students well rounded regarding the different genres of makeup that they would need to perform in the working world, not just simply fashion based techniques. It was here that Elise was suddenly introduced to her forte in makeup – film and TV. Elise became well aware through studying at Delamar that the industry she was set to enter was not going to be easy. They were told on their first day, in a room filled with seventy students, that only three people would realistically be successful.

Elise expresses that being attached to an agency, where you would be under a contract, is the best way to survive in the business, but simply performing freelance work is not enough to replenish her kit, let alone build on a career. It is a frustrating industry of of-ten doing work for no pay, so for the time being Elise has decided to take a break from her skills and possibly return to education. Elise is currently looking into taking a university degree to broaden her horizons for the future she has ahead of her, only being twenty-three. It would seem that although money is a significant factor, it is not the sole reason influencing Elise’s decision to take time out from the industry. She added that people often perceive what she does as trivial, and do not take the skills that she has obtained seriously. She feels that now being out of London the opportunity for work has also decreased dramatically, so it is the perfect time to focus on something new in Bath.

Instagram: @elisepriestley