Weronika Karczewska

Polish-born Weronika moved to Bristol at thirteen, where she started taking loud photos, compared to her now subtle, alluring style.


Weronika Karczewska is an innovate photographer who has already, at the age of twenty, acquired a large amount of knowledge within her field. Currently studying at Bath Spa University, Weronika has taken everything her course has to offer, experimenting with different forms of photography including: fashion, still life, studio, portraiture, land-scape, promotional, wedding and documentary. From a young age Weronika has always been creative; growing up in Poland, it’s not until Weronika moved to Bristol at the age of thirteen when her artistic nature became apparent in sixth form. She studied photography at A-level before continuing with her studies in more depth at Filton College. Finally, she was lucky enough to be accepted into one of the country’s best universities for the creative arts, Bath Spa.

Talking to Weronika, she admitted that she’d never thought in detail about her first encounter with photography and where her passion initially stemmed from. She pointed out that her love of art was always obvious, however she knew that drawing and painting was not her forte. She then discovered, after having been given a basic camera to play around with at school, that photography was her path into remaining in the art world. Weronika exclaimed that photography is a form of art that presents the exact representation of what the eye sees; you know what the outcome is going to be – roughly, although there are the odd surprises.

Mario Testino is Weronika’s first recollection of being truly inspired by professional photographers. The famous fashion photographer bares close ties to major publications such as Vogue, working with icons such as Kate Moss. Weronika commented on his style of compiling dynamic and colour intensive shots, which she applied to her early work, refusing to work with a monochrome palette. She began experimenting, exploring styles to find her own, and in turn discovered that working with people created a greater, more engaging outcome than still life photography ever could.

Several projects that Weronika has completed while studying at Bath Spa have enabled her to develop as a photographer, and even delve into more of a contemporary feel, steering away from colour which her Nude collection illustrates. She has also shot a sequence of black and white photos for a social documentary assignment, involving a local homeless woman as her subject. Weronika explained that it was a long process, which naturally meant that they had built a relationship through working together, making this moment in Weronika’s career so far stand out above the rest.

Although studying at university has given Weronika an excellent insight into her chosen profession, she did mention that it has somewhat extracted the fun out of it. Suddenly she found herself working to briefs and strict deadlines, where things have to be done, however Weronika indicated she doesn’t necessarily want to be doing them. For the time being Weronika has lost the freedom of being able to produce work solely from her own mind – from idea to print, but she’s keen to reignite her personal work and share what she’s created both inside and outside of university via her website. Building an online presence is important in the next stages of Weronika’s career, as she’ll use this as a digital portfolio to show potential clients or employers. Her future ambitions consist of one day working with a travel magazine, jetting from country to country capturing powerful images. Until then, Weronika’s final year of university awaits her.

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